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My vinyl dashboard is sticky. How can I remove this?

A vinyl dash can be cleaned thoroughly with Interior Shampoo to remove any stickiness or dirt. If the stickiness remains use Intensive Tar Remover. After drying, the vinyl dash can be dressed with Vinyl & Rubber Care. This can leave a matt or shiny finish depending on your preference.

To clean artificial leather use Interior Shampoo. To dress and protect artificial leather use Vinyl & Rubber Care.

The buffalino leather in your Audi can be cleaned with Autoglym Leather Cleaner and periodically fed with Autoglym Leather Care Balm.

We do not recommend the use of our Leather Cleaner or Leather Care Balm on non automotive leather. This is due to the different finishes that manufacturers can apply to household leather.

Ideally we would recommend 2 products to you, the Leather Cleaner and the Interior Shampoo. However, Interior Shampoo is safe for use on leather provided you use it as follows. DO NOT spray directly on to leather, spray onto a cloth and then apply the cloth to the leather, test an inconspicuous area first and do not use on leather that has been re-coloured or repaired.

Both of these products are suitable for cream leather. We do advise to always test in an inconspicuous area for colour fastness before cleaning the entire seat.

A clean, dry microfibre cloth is perfect for buffing away any excess Leather Care Balm.

The best method for applying Leather Care Balm to a perforated leather seat is to always apply the balm to a cloth and never directly to the leather. Use a small amount of Leather Care balm and spread evenly over the surface, adding more if required. Using a small amount of the balm will help to avoid 'filling' the perforations in the leather.

Can I use Wheel Protector on Non Laquered Wheels

Wheel Protector can be used on non laquered wheels.

It is safe to use Clean Wheels and Custom Wheel Cleaner on painted wheels, provided they are in good condition and you pay attention to the label on the rear of the bottle before starting work.

Clean Wheels will not necessarily strip High Definition Wax from wheels, but will be detrimental to the durability of the wax. If you have High Definition Wax on wheels they will be easier to keep clean, wash with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner instead, the dirt will be removed much more easily.

Custom Wheel Cleaner would be the best option for your powder coated wheels.

Custom Wheel Cleaner cannot be used on split rims.

Custom Wheel Cleaner Kit is suitable for use on vehicles with ceramic disc brakes.

You can use Super Resin Polish on the rust spots to remove any build up, but this is not a long term solution and proper rust prevention advice should be sought from specialists in that field.

Wheel Protector has been formulated to last for up to 6 weeks depending on weather and driving conditions.

We have replaced Alloy Wheel Seal with Wheel Protector. This is a new formulation using a different technology which offers a super hydrophobic (water repellant) film that stops dirt particles sticking to the surface. Wheel Protector will protect your wheels for up to 6 weeks where as Alloy Wheel Seal would only protect your wheels for up to 2 weeks.

This depends on the size of your wheels however on average the 300ml can contains enough product to protect 16 wheels. This means that if you treat your wheels once every 6 weeks the can will last for up to 6 months!

Wheel Protector is not suitable for mirrored surfaces. As an alternative try using High Definition Wax.

Wheel protector can be used on non mirrored diamond cut wheels however it is not suitable for mirrored finishes.

Wheel protector can be used on multiple spoked wheels providing the spokes are not a mirrored finish.

Wheel protector should not be sprayed directly onto ceramic brakes however a small amount of overspray will not cause any harm.

Wheel Protector is not suitable for dark coloured matte effect wheel surfaces. It can be used on light colours such as silver and light grey matte effects.

Although Wheel Protector should not be applied directly to brake discs, a small amount of over spray will not cause any harm.

Using a wheel cleaner such as Clean Wheels or Custom Wheel Cleaner and agitation with a brush or spnge will remove Wheel Protector.

If Wheel Protector is accidentally over sprayed onto paintwork, simply wipe this away from the paintwork with a microfibre cloth before it dries.

My van is painted in satin paint, what do you recommend to clean and protect it with?

Wash and dry the satin black van with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner and then protect with High Definition Wax.

Bodywork Shampoo and Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner will not strip High Definition Wax due to the pH neutral formula.

Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner has been formulated for use on caravans and is selected and recommended by Carlight, Compass, Buccaneer, Coachman, Crown, Elddis and Herald. Following the cleaning you can polish your caravan with Super Resin Polish and protect with Extra Gloss Protection

Active Insect Remover is safe to use on your gelcoat motorhome.

To remove bug deposits as they occur, use Active Insect Remover. To address any staining that may remain, apply Super Resin Polish firmly.

Wash and dry the satin black van with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner and then protect with High Definition Wax.

Bodywork Shampoo and Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner will not strip High Definition Wax due to the pH neutral formula.

Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner has been formulated for use on caravans and is selected and recommended by Carlight, Compass, Buccaneer, Coachman, Crown, Elddis and Herald. Following the cleaning you can polish your caravan with Super Resin Polish and protect with Extra Gloss Protection

Engine & Machine Cleaner can be used as a degreaser for the lower half of the vehicle.

The best product to clean door and boot shuts is Engine & Machine Cleaner. The rubber in these areas can then be treated with Vinyl and Rubber Care.

Working from the lower areas upwards, hose off using plenty of water to reveal the clean and sparkling finish.

Apply the Intensive Tar Remover again, but allow the product to dwell for longer this time. There is the possibility that the spots are not tar at all and could be another substance. If the second application of Intensive Tar Remover fails to shift the deposit then it may be bonded contamination that will need removing with the Surface Detailing Clay Kit.

Clean the window rubbers with Interior Shampoo (this is the case even for the exterior window rubbers) rinse and allow to dry. Then apply Vinyl and Rubber Care to the rubber, taking care not to get any on the windows.

Metal Polish would be the best product for removing carbon deposits from an exhaust pipe.

Pressure Wash is not harmful to High Definition Wax and will not remove the wax layer on your vehicle in one application.

We would advise pressure/jet/power wash owners to use Autoglym Pressure Wash in their detergent tank. Pressure Wash has been formulated for use in all types of household pressure washers. It contains a balanced blend of surface-active ingredients to lift grease, grime and traffic film without harm to polished paintwork, plastics and trim.

Refer to the wrap manufacturers instructions, the cleaning product recommendations vary between different brands.

No. Rapid Aqua Wax has been formulated to work best on a wet car. After using Shampoo on your vehicle, Rinse away all of the suds apply two squirts to each body panel. Then use one of the blue microfibres to spread the wax evenly over the vehicle and the second to buff the vehicle and remove any left over water.

Super Resin Polish can be used on chrome effect plastics and you can even use HD Wax

Do you sell a polish that does not contain silicone?

We do not have a silicone free polish.

You should always apply the polish first and then the wax. The polish does the renovating and repair work and the wax seals in and protects that polished paintwork.

You should wax your car when it ceases to repel water, or when an improvement in appearance is required. As a general rule of thumb, High Definition Wax will require 3-4 applications per year, depending on the type of weathering your car is exposed to.

To clean and preserve a carbon fibre roof or any other surface first ensure it is lacquered (if it isn't lacquered it will be rough and textured to the touch). First wash the area with Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, then polish with Super resin Polish and finally seal and protect with High Definition Wax.

Only one coat of Extra Gloss Protection is sufficient for a long lasting protective layer. You will receive little benefit from layering and it may be difficult to maintain an even coat or it may remove the first layer.

You can use High Definition Wax on top of Lifeshine.

Only one coat of High Definition Wax is sufficient for a long lasting protective layer. You can layer if required though.

High Definition Wax can sometimes shrink away from the sides of the container during the natural air cooling period that each pot goes through. This does not adversely affect the product in any way and the Wax is still perfectly in specification.

High Definition Wax does not contain any Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE - also known by the DuPont brand name Teflon).

Yes, after waxing with High Definition Wax it is ok to use Instant Show Shine. Aqua Wax and Rapid Detailer can be used to restore and add further protection to a waxed finish.

We do not recommend the use of High Definition Wax and Ultra Deep Shine together.

The use of Intensive Tar Remover over a surface treated with Extra Gloss Protection will weaken it. It is advisable to reapply Extra Gloss Protection to a treated surface after using Intensive Tar Remover.

To remove the adhesive from the L plate that remains on your car, use Intensive Tar Remover on the area as directed. This will safely break down the adhesive and allow you to simply wipe it off your paintwork.

Paint Renovator is to be used by hand and not by machine.

You can apply Super Resin Polish or Ultra Deep Shine with a polish sponge, ideally a foam Perfect Polish Applicator.

Aqua Wax can be used every time you wash and is a great top up wax to use in between applications of High Definition Wax.

The use of Rapid Detailer on a surface that has been treated with Extra Gloss Protection will not adversely affect its durability or finish. The Rapid Detailer will sit on top of the Extra Gloss, not remove it and actually add a layer of additional protection.

Super Resin Polish shouldn't be thought of as an abrasive, it is a gentle cleaner and polisher. There is no risk of damaging the lacquer during normal use and it can be used as often as required.

Rapid Detailer will not perform the same job as Extra Gloss Protection. Rapid Detailer is a quick cleaner, Extra Gloss Protection is a liquid wax sealant that will provide many months of protection and shine.

Super Resin Polish applied firmly will restore the colour to a faded red panel. However, if the paint his particularly bad it may require a professional product such as Autoglym Paint Renovator. Once the original colour has returned you can seal the surface with Extra Gloss Protection or High Definition Wax, although depending on the extent of the fade, you may need to polish more regularly.

With great difficulty. Most modern sun creams are designed to stay on skin that goes in and out of water, that has clothes pulled on and off and is resistant to the suns rays. As such it is good at sticking to surfaces such as car paintwork. There is some success using Super Resin Polish applied firmly to the area, although this does not work in 100% of cases. Even the sun cream manufacturers don't have a solution.

You cannot overuse use Super Resin.

Super Resin Polish will restore paintwork discolouration caused by a magnetic sign. Increase the pressure used to apply over the affected area.

Super Resin Polish should be used to restore the brushed aluminium trim.

Super Resin Polish can be used on any finished smooth automotive metal surface including chrome.

Super Resin Polish is best to clean tarnished chrome grill. If it is particularly stubborn use Metal Polish.

You should only use one type of polish on a car. There is no benefit at all to using both Super Resin Polish and Ultra Deep Shine.

Whilst Ultra Deep Shine shares many characteristics with Super Resin Polish, it has added components to combat swirls and holograms on darker paints. These added components mean that Ultra Deep Shine needs to be used in a slightly different way to Super Resin Polish. With Super Resin Polish, you can apply the polish to the whole vehicle and then work round buffing it off. With Ultra Deep Shine it is best to apply to a panel, allow the polish to dry and then buff off immediately and then moving on to the next panel. If you do this you will find the product no harder to use than Super Resin Polish.

Interior Shampoo and a firm sponge will clean the green moss or algae from exterior rubber trim. Depending on the extent of the algae you may need several applications and a good deal of scrubbing, but it will come off.

Vinyl & Rubber Care may lessen the appearance of scratches on interior plastics depending on their severity, however deep gouges are untreatable.

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